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Original Plantain Chips - 22oz Tub

Original Plantain Chips - 22oz Tub

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πŸ₯” Crunchy with Sea Salt: Savor the perfect balance of a lightly sea salty taste combined with a satisfying crunch, offering a delightful snacking sensation for your taste buds. Making Chifles the ideal replacement for potato chips or banana chips.

πŸ˜‹ Irresistibly Fresh & Tasty: Indulge in the delicious crisp Chifles Original Plantain Chips that boast an irresistible flavor, making every bite a wickedly, delightful experience.

🌱Guilt-Free Snack: Enjoy guilt-free snacking with a Chifles Original Plantain Chips – a vegan, 0g trans Fats, gluten-free, OU Certified kosher snack crafted from wholesome ingredients. No wheat products, tree nuts, or peanuts enter our production facility. Experience a tasty artisan treat with no added sugar, ensuring your health is the top priority.

🍌Enjoy a Feel-Good Snacking Experience: Our Plantain Chips are delicious alone or with your favorite dip!

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