At Chifles, we have a passion for turning traditional Latin treats into tasty, wholesome snacks. More than a half-century after our founders began refining their recipe for the perfect plantain chip, we still place the highest value on quality.

In 1963, Chifles plantain chips sprouted its roots in Tampa, Florida, inspired by the vibrant street vendors of Havana, Cuba. Although gluten-free and vegan snacks weren’t in the spotlight at the time, the founders knew the undeniable deliciousness of plantain chips was a secret too good to keep.

Tony Rivas Sr., fresh from Cuba, swiftly became Florida’s largest Chifles distributor, igniting a legacy that his son, Tony Jr., would eagerly embrace. Together, they acquired the company, determined to bring the mouthwatering delights of Chifles to stores across the USA.

Just months after taking ownership, tragedy struck as an accidental fire razed the Chifles warehouse, halting production. Rising from the ashes, the resilient Rivas family rallied together, supported by their team to ensure customers could continue enjoying their beloved Chifles snacks.

The daunting challenges only fueled the Rivas family’s unwavering determination, propelling them to rebuild their dreams from scratch. Today, in their new Miami facility, they proudly carry on the legacy of crafting the perfect plantain chip—a testament to over 50 years of hard work and dedication in pursuit of the American dream.

In 2019, Chifles proudly earned the distinction of being the number one plantain chip in America, as recognized by IRi Worldwide, and still holds that title to this day. This accolade serves as a testament to the Rivas family’s enduring legacy and the unwavering love that consumers have for the exceptional quality of Chifles.

Since 2022, Chifles has reached new heights as their plantain chips became an onboard snack option on all domestic JetBlue flights.