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A family story in every bag.

Chifles (pronounced CHIEF-les) was established in Tampa, Florida in 1963. The founding family was inspired by vendors who sold plantain chips on the streets of Havana, Cuba. At the time, not many people were looking for gluten-free, vegan snacks but it was no secret that plantain chips were delicious.

Shortly after arriving from Cuba, Tony Rivas Sr. began distributing Chifles and soon became the biggest distributor in Florida. Tony Jr. followed in his dad’s footsteps. They purchased the company and worked together to introduce Chifles to stores across the USA.

Just four months after the company changed hands, tragedy struck and they lost nearly everything. An accidental fire burned the Chifles warehouse to the ground and brought production to a sudden halt. Fortunately, no one was injured thanks to the brave firefighters who extinguished the blaze. This was not the end of the company but a new beginning. They rallied together to rebuild after this devastating loss. In fact, their largest local competitor stepped up to help them continue supplying customers.

The daunting challenges and obstacles that the Rivas family faced only strengthened their determination to ensure the success of this family-owned company. Today, at a new factory in Miami, they continue the legacy of packaging the perfect plantain chip. This bag is a testament to more than 50 years of hard work and dedication in pursuit of the American dream. They hope you enjoy eating them as much as they love crafting them.


Did you know?

Our plantain chips are sourced from fruit that looks ugly and tastes delicious. This helps divert perfectly good produce away from landfills and into our pantries. 


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