Chifles® Plantain Chips, America’s #1 Plantain Chip Brand, Ups the Snack Game by Unveiling All-New Plantain Shells

Just in Time for the Big Game, Chifles® & Local Miami Chef
Giorgio Rapicavoli Collaborate To Bring Home Cooks Miami-Inspired Nacho Recipe
MIAMI, FLA. (January 15, 2019) – With a new year underway, and the Big Game heading to town, Miami’s No. 1 snack and America’s No. 1 plantain chip is reinventing how game day tastes. Chifles® has innovated the plantain chip once again by announcing the launch of the all-new Chifles® Plantain Shells as a first-of-its-kind, modern-day twist to the bold, perfectly crunchy, and timeless Chifles® flavor. 
The healthier-for-you snack is 100% vegan, gluten-free, uses simple ingredients, and is up-cycled. A nutritious delight, Chifles® Plantain Shells turn the savory notes of the iconic Miami snack into a versatile bite that is in a league of its own. With 30 percent less fat than the traditional potato chip, this delectable guilt-free nosh is in a league of its own.
“The launch of this product is the perfect synthesis of chip and function, and the perfect bridge between cultures. The new plantain shells offer much more than just another option in snacking,” said Chifles®President, Antonio Rivas Jr. “It’s a fan-favorite selection that you can enjoy in brand new ways – that’s why Chifles® continues to be America’s No.1 plantain chip.”
The plantain shell’s notable golden hue and crisped curvatures make it an ideal snack that brings versatility and heritage to the taste bud. Today, the plantain product joins the Chifles® ranks on store shelves across the nation – and notably, just in time for the biggest game of the year.
Any sports fan knows there are essential items that go into the perfect “big game” experience: a big screen, your closest friends, your favorite brew, and the perfect chip to scoop up your favorite dips. Chifles® Plantain Shells is sure to add vibrant savory flavors that the consumer is unable to get from a traditional game day chip. 
“This is a snack whose time has come. Chifles® Plantain Shells are going to enhance the fan experience at home, revolutionize a product that already tells a story of our community, culture, and taste.” Rivas Jr. added. “Chifles® is the unofficial snack of the big game, but the official snack of Miami.”
With the biggest game of the year being played in Miami, Chifles® has teamed up with esteemed culinary expert, Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli to up a signature game day recipe by combining the rich flavors of foods represented in dishes in Miami with the crisp texture offered by Chifles® Plantain Shells. Rapicavoli’s Chifles® Miami Nachos are made with warm Chifles® Plantain Shells that are topped with mojo-marinated pork shoulder, pickled onions, adobo crema, jalapeño slices, radishes, crumbled queso blanco, and fresh chopped cilantro. A recipe for this dish can be found HERE.
Rapicavoli, who is at the helm of multiple very successful South Florida dining spots, including the award-winning Coral Gables eatery, Eating House, and Grails Restaurant and Bar, a sneaker-themed bar in Wynwood that has become a hub for sports fans across the magic city.
About Chifles®:
Chifles® (pronounced CHIEF-les) was established in Tampa, Florida in 1963. The founding family was inspired by vendors who sold plantain chips on the streets of Havana, Cuba. At the time, not many people were looking for gluten-free, vegan snacks but it was no secret that plantain chips were delicious. Shortly after arriving from Cuba, Tony Rivas Sr. began distributing Chifles® and soon became the biggest distributor in Florida. Tony Jr. followed in his dad’s footsteps. They purchased the company and worked together to introduce Chifles® to stores across the USA. Just four months after the company changed hands, tragedy struck and they lost nearly everything. An accidental fire burned the Chifles®warehouse to the ground and brought production to a sudden halt. Fortunately, no one was injured thanks to the brave firefighters who extinguished the blaze. This was not the end of the company but its new beginning. The Rivas family rallied together to rebuild after this devastating loss. In fact, their largest local competitor stepped up to help them continue supplying customers. The daunting challenges and obstacles that they faced only strengthened their determination to ensure the success of this family-owned company. Today, at a new factory in Miami, they continue the legacy of creating the perfect plantain chip. This bag is a testament to more than 55 years of hard work and dedication in pursuit of the American dream. They hope you enjoy eating them as much as they love crafting them.
To learn more about the history of Chifles® please visit:
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